Jane's RTW Memories

Celebrating our reunion with champagne upon arrival.......last meeting in Japan ten years ago
Shopping for presents in Sawara...... and trying to take photographs on my new digital camera
Snapshot of Ami, Zento and Jane outside of Cafe where Inoh Tadataka lived (he hand drew the map of Japan in the 18th century)
Inside of Cafe eating ice cream...........
and at leisure in KAN's tea room in Katori, the home of Toshi and Kyoko Onomitsu
An evening of BBQed eel, egg plant and sweetcorn plus lots of bubbles to watch the moon rising later in the evening
In anticipation of the BBQed eel - very happy evening due to no rain and good company
Success with the timer at last!!!! Chatting with friends making arrangements to meet.
Nobu restaurant in Hong Kong with Simon a colleague from the UK The night view in Hong Kong
Birthday cake - a present from the hotel in Hong Kong View from the Peak in Hong Kong
Celebrating meeting after many years in Japan Nothing but the best for the best of friends - Moet & Chandon
Beautiful plant stand in Sawara - can I buy in the UK? Writing up my journal in the tearoom of KAN in Japan with Manami
Making a pot under expert tuition of Kyoko Lunch with Mariko, Fusae, Toshi and Tomoko in Makahari
On the express train with Satako en route to Tokyo Asakusa Temple with Chris, Emily, Satako and Hiromi
Afternoon tea at Chin San So in Mejiro, Tokyo Happy Kyoko and Toshi
BBQ and more success with timer on new camera Kay and Jane at the Floral Museum in Inage Kaigan
Michiko on the 35th floor of the Marunouchi building in Tokyo Jane ditto in Tokyo
Mr and Mrs Ogura on a walk along Kujukuri beach Noriko and Mr and Mrs Ogura
Toshi, Kyoko and Mr Moriyama discussing ceramic techniques Mamoru Suzuki being photographed at his exhibition in Chiba
29.07.2007 And then Jane left towards Sydney from Japan with ・・・・